Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Lil Pink Fish & Friends

This started out as a watercolor demo when I visited the Brush Bunch in Walhalla last week, I painted the Gold fishy to demo glazing, and on to the little one to demo "lifting"and blending, etc.  One of the members painted the yellowish fish while i was eating lunch.. I had to do a lot of repair work on it later..ha..  It is a playful painting, it seems.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


From Park Rapids, Bobbie and I traveled to Langdon then on to Walhalla, where I gave a mini watercolor workshop/demo to the Brush Bunch, a delightful group of artists that meet every week to share ideas, lunch and DO art..

Art At The Lake #9 for me

This was the 10th year that RRWS sponsored the AATL in Park Rapids, MN, with Ann Kaese as coordinator. always fun to go to this wonderful facility and make art. I've only missed one year. My buddy, Bobbie, usually goes with me.  This year we did watercolor batik, a whole new concept for us.  many layers and many decisions as to color and value..  FUN... Instructor was Linda Renaud from Bismarck, she was fantastic..

Monday, September 4, 2017

Frosty Grapes, Green Apple

I just had to mess around some more on the fruit.  I used some gouache and some acrylic over the watercolor..  layer, layer, layer..  got rid of the sick red apple.. it may show up in a collage painting some day, cause i don't throw much away...

Pacific Sundown

I started this at our Thursday group, as we were doing a class in Acrylic painting and my part of the class was to paint "sky"...  i used a photo i took in Oregon a long time ago..  Seems a little dark. I used a yellow undercoat color so of course there are some green hues.. but it is OK...

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Found and saved in my art pile

i actually am cleaning out my art studio, found these 2 small works in the throw away pile. Top one from Andy Evansen workshop earlier this summer. Other from Karen Knutson 2 summers ago. What the heck?  Also found smallish free frames to put them in.  They are probably called "studies" or "practice" pieces but you never know what may come of them..  

Friday, August 25, 2017

workshop @ Cormorant donated one to Village

Friend, Bobbie and I attended a great workshop last week. We learned some new stuff: using gouache with watercolors, using gum arabic as a resist, toning w/c paper with acrylic, using a limited palette, using pastel with w/c, to name a few. We stayed over in Dunvilla, so we didn't have to travel so much, but getting lost in the "lake" country sure puts the miles on..  Also, we didn't read the full instructions as to bring subject matter to paint, so these are ' borrowed from the kitchen' items.. clothes line is from my favorite photos..
Instructor was Carl Oltvedt, art teacher at MSU for 35 years and now lives in Mpls.. he is SO knowledgeable about "the art world".. i listened with all my brain power..